Use your database to get more business

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Engaging with your database is a crucial aspect of your business. There were 80 million online leads in 2019, but only 5.5 million transactions. Who is getting those leads? How many of them are your past customers?

How do you stay in flow with your entire sphere with any reliability? How do you get the timing right to deliver value to those clients who need it at the right time?

Leverage technology and touch points like First to find out about your customers before competitors do. Having applications which allow you to be in the know on your customers’ schedule and timing for selling is key.

  • Having a great CRM to stay in touch with your database.

  • Client Appreciation Parties

  • Consistent Monthly Emails that provide value, local events, local market reports

  • Mailings for CMA, market analysis of their property

  • Value - Send reminders like Homestead (if that applies to your area).

  • Send follow up on past sales... how is everything...

  • Use social to find reasons to send personal note cards

  • Pop-Bys are fantastic ideas to stay in touch with past clients.

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