Setting Goals and Creating Results

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

As we begin the business planning next week we want you to really think about your goals to help bring maximum results!

  • Setting financial goals and aligning them with the required activities to achieve them allows you to bring focus to the tools and activities you need to create results.

  • Knowing your numbers and the actions you need to take to achieve them is the first step in setting goals for your business.

  • To translate your financial goal into the number of transactions necessary to achieve it, take the average sales price of a home in your market and multiply it by the average commission. This will determine an average commission you can expect for each transaction.

  • Divide your financial goal by this average commission. This will yield the number of transactions needed to achieve your goal.

  • To build in a cushion, take this transaction number and divide it by the percentage of success you anticipate you will have when working with sellers or buyers. If you anticipate an 80% success rate, then divide the total transaction by 8.

  • Now that you know the total number of transactions, you can calculate the number of conversations required per day to achieve your goal.

  • Remember that the number of conversations per day can be adjusted to meet your personal goal. Meeting your transaction goal is closer than you think when you consider that conversations with friends, family and business owners all count.

  • Once you are committed to your goal remember to bring the right energy and preparation to this business endeavor. Learn your dialogues, role play with fellow agents and follow the rules of conversation by being an active listener that takes notes, repeats client objectives and stays physically and emotionally engaged in assisting them meet their objective.

**Agent Action Plan**

Send handwritten notes to at least 10 people in your sphere this week and let them know they are appreciated and that you are thinking of them.


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