Money Saving Tax Write-Offs for Agents

Updated: Feb 21

Because tax laws change frequently, we’d strongly suggest you check with your tax consultant prior to acting on this information.

Training & Education Events & Courses

We are always saying the more you learn, the more you earn and we all know the real estate industry is always changing. With so many classes being offered virtually, take advantage of these classes for continuing education! Make sure you take advantage of training events & course and write off those expenses!

Marketing Expenses

If you think your marketing, social, website could use a facelift, maybe getting a professional marketing company to create some professional pieces for you would be a great idea. Make sure you write this off as marketing expenses.

Legal & Professional Services

We know you could do it all but if there are parts of your business that you hate doing, maybe you procrastinate doing or just do it kicking and screaming. Maybe it is time to delegate and hire a professional to do these tasks for you so you can spend your time focusing on income producing activities. You can also use this time to recharge yourself and spend with your family and make sure to write this off as business expenses.

Health Insurance

This is one of the biggest expenses we have on an individual or family level. As a self-employed independent contractor, you can deduct your health insurance costs as a write off as long as you haven't opted our of an employer plan.

Software for Productivity

With so many products out there to help streamline your business, make sure to take advantage of those that make sense for your business! Whether it is a CRM, website, marketing automation, etc. These can be a write off for your business!

Some other ideas to discuss with your accountant:

Phone Bill, Phone & Accessories

Office Supplies

License & Membership Fees

Desk Fees

Property Marketing

Gas, Car Maintenance, Insurance, Registration, Parking, etc

Home office furniture



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