Measure & Track - Everything!

We live in a market where Data is King! The more you know your Numbers and Sources, the more predictable your business can be. In our yearly Business Planning Event this is something we strongly go over because you should know where your marketing dollars are being allocated and how much Return on Investment (ROI) each of these sources are bringing back to you! Of course a follow up plan to everything is going to be crucial for your success with anything you are doing as well!

For instance, if I know it takes me an average of 37 calls to book an appointment, and I convert one out of every two appointments, I can predict that I’ll take a listing for every 74 calls I make.

Or If you send 2,000 farming postcards to your neighborhoods monthly and get 2 listings for each of these mailings, you will get 24 listing appointments. Do you know what your % of actually getting the listing is to your appointments?

If you spend $1,000 per month for Online PPC and bring in 150 Leads, what is your conversion rate? What can you do to improve this number? Can you modify the Ads to be hyper local? Do you have a follow up plan including text, emails and plenty of phone calls?

Knowing that data is extremely comforting when you fear the rejection of making your phone calls, texts, emails, etc. Instead of seeing it as rejection, you’ll start to see it as “one call closer” to getting your desired result.

So make sure to track and measure:

  • Goal appointments (and by when)

  • Actual appointments

  • Conversations

  • Call-to-appointment conversion rate

  • PPC Contact Conversion Rate

  • PPC Closed time to close

  • All Marketing Sources ROI

  • Closed transactions

  • GCI/earnings

If you aren't doing this, make sure to check out our Business Planning Event "Elevate 2022" this November!


Make sure you have something (software) or someone (a coach, partner, broker, manager, etc.) to hold you accountable to track and measure your numbers!


Pearson’s Law says, “When performance is measured, performance improves. When performance is measured and reported back, the rate of improvement accelerates.”

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