Generating Listings in a Tight Inventory Marketplace

• Real Estate Agents connect buyers and sellers. A tight inventory market requires an agent to find sellers who are no longer on the market and use dialogues that reconnect them with the original reason they wanted to sell.

• Researching expired listings, leveraging your community connections for word-of-mouth information, and scheduling daily conversations with people in the community is a powerful way to identify people who you can call. Remember the people you know are at the heart of the “on the street” knowledge you can gain and most of the time they will be happy to share their insights with you. The key is to ask!

• Look to stand out with your farming efforts too. Consider mailing handwritten notes to explain the opportunity that you have buyers or that there is the possibility of achieving a good sales price. The handwritten note will stand out vs. overdone marketing pieces that push you.

• To stay on task and ensuring you are generating inventory for your buyers set a goal to have 20 or more conversations with people each day. Whether it is a conversation at a swim meet or a phone call to touch base with a past client make sure everyone knows you are looking for homes for your buyers.

• Knowing the demographic makeup of the neighborhood of your seller prospect is the next step in knowing when to schedule the listing meeting. This knowledge will ensure you are in the neighborhood at the right time to conduct your door knock.

• If the neighborhood is younger and family-oriented weekdays and instead schedule the door knocking for a Saturday morning when the kids are up or an early summer evening. If it is a retirement community aim for afternoons on a weekday. Leveraging knowledge like will increase your chances for success and set you apart as an active and supportive agent.

• When speaking with the seller prospect the key is to get them talking and reconnected to their why. Let them know you sent them a note in the past week and that you might be able to help them realize their plan to sell.

• When confronted with tight inventory concerns from any potential seller, remind them of how you work and how you came to identify them. Begin to consult them as you would any client and ask them to describe the home they are looking for telling them you will work to find it for them when you are speaking with other people in the community.

• It is about connecting potential sellers with buyers. If you stay in conversation enough eventually the conversation will be about finding a match and getting their house on the market too.


Back to the phones. Talk to 25 people this week and send out at least one marketing piece to 200 or more people in your book of business database.


“motivation IS WHAT GETS YOU STARTED. Habit is what keeps you going."