Generating Business with Strong Dialogues

To ensure you are consistently growing their business you need to get out of your comfort

zone and build beyond their existing sphere of influence.

Reaching out to people who are in obvious need of help selling their home removes the first objection of “how do I know what to say”.

  • By adopting a “helping” attitude in your language and mindset you can develop and use dialogues and inquiring questions that allow the prospect a window of opportunity to connect to their original why while keeping the focus away from the transaction or sale.

  • In any conversation it is important that you begin the conversation by confirming they are speaking with the decision maker or “the homeowner”.

  • Use an opening dialogue that allows the person to focus on their needs and then reconnect to the time frames so the agent can uncover and learn more about their plans.

  • As you uncover the owner’s challenges, you can slowly drip your value and the benefits of working with them into the discussion.

  • Remember that the goal is to set a meeting. When asking for the meeting make sure to offer more than one time to meet so they feel they are in control and can’t simply say no. This “double close” allows them to pick the time to meet and positions the agent as already working with them.

  • In conversation it is important that you set expectations up front. Not wanting to repeat the prospects initial poor experience you should set out from the beginning that a Win-Win is the only way you will work with the client.

  • Once you have confirmed a prospect's desire to see you should outline the benefits of pricing properly and assured them that their goal is to “sell quickly” for the best possible price.

  • To ensure you are comfortable and prepared you should develop and find scripts you can practice with fellow agents until the dialogues become natural sounding.

  • To maintain consistency and ensure this becomes an solid part of your business model make sure you institute a contact system that keeps prospects continually engaged and thinking of you when it comes to selling homes.


Plan something special for the dads in your life and reach out to at least five dads in your sphere to wish them a happy week!


A warm smile is the universal language of kindness.

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