Building Business by Building Connections

Your Connections can lead to massive Referrals! It is also a great way to build up your client database through common interests. Here are some ideas to start making those connections!

  • Being successful in real estate depends on your motivation and persistence in seeking out new business leads.

  • Setting goals and allocating the time to follow through is critical to getting yourself into the correct frame of mind to connect with people in your sphere.

  • Your sphere includes the people who know you, trust you and may have worked with you in the past.

  • A large portion of business can and should come from your sphere which can include referrals from existing clients.

  • Online leads are not as warm but are still important and should be a part of your day.

  • Take notice of the events going on with the people in your sphere. Birthdays, anniversaries, and community events are easy to acknowledge and a way to stay top of mind.

  • Having a sound social media strategy can greatly impact your business. Learning when and how to post to help create a personal connection will pay off when those people are looking to buy or sell real estate.

  • Find things in common with those in your community. Whether it be at your child’s sporting event or a social mixer, making personal connections face to face will come back to you when it comes to your business.

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