Become a New Home Specialist

Consider these tips on becoming a New Home Specialist…

Join the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and your local Builder Association' HBCA of Brevard. Just like with any specialty, you want to surround yourself with others who can provide guidance and support.

Education is key.

Continuously read industry articles about the new home sector, attend seminars, conferences and trainings. If you are an ABR you can take the New Home Specialist Segment.

Get the know the local builders.

This is another great educational resource for you, but if this is going to be your specialty, it’s important to form positive relationships with each builder.

Learn the Communities.

Frequently tour the Communities and know where and what price range builders are building in.


Weekly Activity

If you experience fear or anxiety over something this week, stop, breathe, and ask yourself; why am I feeling this way and is there any real danger in moving forward? If not, take a step in that direction and see where the path takes you.

Words of Wisdom

FEAR has two meanings

  1. Forget everything and Run

  2. Face everything and RISE

The Choice is YOURS!

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