5 Ways to Increase Business Immediately

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

What is holding you back?

Are there areas of the business that you won’t do?

Here are 5 ways to increase business immediately.

1. Call Expired Listings: They have already indicated they want to sell. They ended up without the right agent. View past MLS listing to see if there are obvious reason that the listing didn't sell (photos, hard to show, etc). Offer solutions. In many cases, listings that expired months ago could be from recent events which may be different now!

2. Visit For Sale by Owners: They are sick of calls, but if you offer advice face-to-face you can build value. Virtual Option: Create a dynamic marketing piece with tips to mail!

3. Hold an Open House: Don’t just open the house, introduce yourself to the neighborhood! Virtual Option: Do a LIVE or video walk thru and post to all social media!

4. Leverage Listings: Send just listed notices to everyone who might have interest.

5. Announce Sales: Share sold news with everyone that might have interest.

Real estate is a task business and demands that you prospect, generate, convert, service and promote your success.

Executed with consistency, these tips will mean you won’t miss out on much business.


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