1st Quarter Business Planning Update

As we have finished the first quarter of 2022 it's time to pull out your Business planning books and do a check up.

Personal vision and Professional Vision - Have you achieved any goals that you can check off your list? Do you have any new goals to add to the list?

Vision Board - pull out your vision board. Are you on track with your 2022 goals? Do you need to get back on track with your goals on your vision board?

Measure and Tracking - are you tracking everything. Where are you in your goals, have you achieved at least 25% of goal or do you need to ramp it up in the 2nd quarter? Where are you getting leads from and do you need to shift focus?

Expenses - Business and Personal - Do a check up and compare your bank account to the expenses are you spending more or less?

Have you updated your online profiles? Do a quick once over on your profiles, email signatures, etc. Does your website link work? Do your social profiles have your information?

Are you doing your 10 things consistently? What are your 10 things, do you need to shift some that make more sense to be doing in 2022.

How's your daily schedule shaping up? Do you need to make adjustments and change some things around?

Keep up the good work!


Take an hour this week to review your business planning book and find out what is out of sync in your life and put a plan in place to get things organized.


A little PROGRESS each day adds up to BIG RESULTS!

WATCH US LIVE! (Way more fun than just the blog) ;-)